300th Anniversary


    Did You Know: November 4 is the Feast Day of St. Charles Borromeo? Our Patron is known for humility and a life of service. In his short 46-year lifetime he drafted the first Catechism, led Catholic reform, established seminaries and colleges, founded the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD), and innovated religious education, especially for children. He is the Patron Saint of Bishops, Cardinals, seminarians, spiritual leaders, catechists, Italy, California, stomach ailments, obesity, dieting, and apple orchards.

    In this bulletin, we begin the 1st of a two-part series on the life of St. Charles Borromeo.


    In 2023, expect to see SCB projects added to our campus commemorating our Tricentennial year. Among them; upgrades to the Pieta Shrine in the cemetery, an installation of Fr. Paret’s
    watercolors, a commemorative memorial to be introduced soon, and… RED clay tiles will once again adorn our roof.      

  • 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee

    Preparations for our Tri-Centennial Celebration are underway.  Four sub-committees have been formed (Spiritual, Publicity, Social & Historical).   This year-long celebration with many events will be planned throughout the following twelve months building up to the Big Celebration Day on Saturday, Nov. 4th, 2023.

    Please visit this website and Facebook to keep up with upcoming events. 

    Divine Mercy

    The 300th Anniversary Spirituality Committee is promoting the Divine Mercy Message, Devotion, and Chaplet. If you could not make it to see The Face of Mercy movie, it is available streaming online. Pamphlets explaining the Divine Mercy Message, Devotion, and Chaplet are available in the Church on tables near all doors. Please take one of each home to read, pray, and learn more about Divine Mercy.

    Please join us at 3 pm in the church to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. We invite you to join us in praying for God’s mercy on us and on the whole world. This devotion will continue on the third Saturday of every month.