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  • Turning the Tide:  A Story of Hell, Healing and Hope

    WYES exposes the horror of the sex trafficking trade in Louisiana in the new 30-minute documentary TURNING THE TIDE: A STORY OF HELL, HEALING, AND HOPE.

    The film identifies a growing team of perhaps unlikely warriors that has mobilized to fight. They include First Lady Donna Edwards, a group of Catholic nuns running a secret healing center, and three heroic survivors turned advocates. The program is produced, written and narrated by Emmy Award-winning journalist Karen Swensen and directed, photographed and edited by Peabody Award-winning photojournalist Aaron Brownlee. In shocking transparency, survivors of sex trafficking share their journeys into the depths of depravity, explaining with the clarity of hindsight what made them vulnerable and the dangers that lurk in our own backyard.

    Click for WYES New Orleans

  • Daily Prayer to Stop Human Trafficking...We Pray

  • Walking with Moms in Need

    Walking with Moms in Need Diapers and Donations

    The Walking with Moms in Need Team and the Respect Life Ministry thank our SCB Family for their generous support of our Donuts, Diapers, and Donations Celebration.  Michelle Black, the Director of the Archdiocese Respect Life Office and Access Pregnancy Resource Center reported that our Church donated $4,006, and our school families donated $1,194.20, for a grand total of $5,200.20.  Michelle attended our 9:30 Mass and our WWMIN celebration on January 21, and she expressed her sincere appreciation for our support of Access PRC.  We also collected a van load of diapers and distributed them to Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry, St. Charles Social Concerns, St. Charles Community Services, and to our own Ministry of Care.  They are all most grateful for your diaper donations.  If you would like to continue to donate money and/or diapers and other baby items to Access PRC on a periodic basis, you can do so online on the Access PRC website, 
    and by purchasing items from ACCESS’s online registries, simply visit Target.com, Amazon.com, or Walmart.com, select the baby registry and enter ACCESS as the first and last name.  See the Access Diaper Drive flyer on the Respect Life tab on the parish website.  A copy of our WWMIN Resource Directory is also posted there.  Thank you all for Waking with Moms in Need.